PS3 bug baby boom predicted

Its methodology is hugely dubious, but there are some press releases you simply have to report.

A new survey of 2,400 male PS3 owners claims that 87 per cent of them chose to spend some quality time” with their partners on the night that their PS3 was out of action thanks to the infamous calendar bug.

The report claims that a further nine per cent took their partners out for dinner during the PS3’s Day of Despair.

The result, according to the release, is an anticipated baby boom at the beginning of December this year – which, the site claims, is good new for Sony as fathers will be upping the use of their consoles to get them through those sleepless nights”.

We conducted the study as we were curious as to what the users of PS3 did to occupy themselves while the network was down, but the results are a surprise to us,” survey commissioner’s head developer Mike Elsmore stated.

It’s funny that without the use of the network, blokes out there are even gamer! It would be great to see a rise in the number of births of budding Playstation users nine months from now.

Unfortunately for women the world over PS3 has a very small failure rate so I doubt these amorous nights will become a regular fixture on the gamers evening activities.”

Oh my.

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