PS3 bug hits the headlines

The panic has subsided and it’s business as usual for PS3 owners, but March 1st 2010 will likely never be forgotten by hardcore gamers or indeed the specialist press – and the national media is today going into overdrive to highlight Sony’s day of woe.

Today’s copy of national freesheet Metro leads with the headline ‘Millions hit by PS3 meltdown’.

Gamers were seething that it took PS3 maker Sony so long to fix the fault and tell them what was wrong,” the paper reads.

The Sun, meanwhile, took a far more dramatic approach to proceedings, quoting Pocket-Lint’s Stuart Miles as claiming that this is to gamers what the Toyota’s faulty accelerator pedal was to drivers”.

Also on the sensationalist bandwagon was Sky News, which asserted that gamers called for Sony to be sued after they lost years of precious ‘trophies’ and saved games overnight”.

Surprisingly, it was The Daily Mail that perhaps identified Sony’s biggest problem: The glitch comes as a blow to many hardcore gaming fans only days after the release of much-anticipated film noir thriller Heavy Rain, which requires a download update before it can be played.”

Others such as the BBC, Mirror and The Guardian played things straight.

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