PS3 hacker gets restraining order

George ‘geohot’ Hotz has been issued a temporary restraining order preventing him from distributing PS3 homebrew software.

The judge granted Sony its request for the order which was submitted earlier this month.

Court documents published by PSX Scene read: The court finds that SCEA has shown a likelihood of success on the merits of its claims for violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and that it will suffer irreparable harm unless defendant Hotz’s violations are enjoined.

The court also finds that a temporary restraining order and order of impoundment are necessary to prevent immediate and irreparable injury to SCEA, before the hearing on the order regarding the preliminary injunction can take pace, and to preserve the status quo.”

The news comes as Sony issues firmware update 3.56 over PSN which includes a new PS3 security update. However, this has already been hacked.

As reported by Eurogamer, the restraining order prevents Hotz and his team from:

1. Offering to the public, creating, posting online, marketing, advertising, promoting, installing, distributing, providing, or otherwise trafficking in any circumvention technology, products, services, methods, codes, software tools, devices, component or part thereof, including but not limited to the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) Keys, encryption and/or decryption keys, dePKG firmware decrypter program, Signing Tools, 3.55 Firmware Jailbreak, root keys, and/or any other technologies that enable unauthorised access to and/or copying of PS3 Systems and other copyrighted works (hereinafter, Circumvention Devices”).

2. Providing links from any website to any other website selling, offering for sale, marketing, advertising, promoting, installing, importing, exporting, offering to the public, distributing, providing, posting, or otherwise trafficking in any circumvention devices.

3. Engaging in acts of circumvention of TPMs in the PS3 system to access, obtain, remove, or traffic in copyrighted works.

4. Engaging in unauthorised access to the PS3 system or the PlayStation Network in order to obtain, access, or transmit any program, code, information or command therein.

5. Publishing, posting, or distributing any information, code, program, instructions, video, or other material obtained by circumventing TPMs in the PS3 system or by engaging in unauthorised access to the PS3 system or PSN.

6. Assisting, facilitating or encouraging others to engage in the conduct set forth above in numbers one to five.

Image courtesy of PSX Scene

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