PS3 patch "re-secures" console against piracy

Today’s arrival of the 3.60 PS3 software patch may have won more headlines for its introduction of cloud game save storage, but its effects may have a far larger impact.

Digital Foundry reports that the patch also seems to close the security loopholes that have opened the console up to piracy.

The platform holder has effectively cut the console’s root key out of the loop. It was the publication of the root key earlier this year that opened the door to all the problems.

"For now, it looks to me (at first glance) that the PS3 has been re-secured, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be broken again from scratch," a hacker, who was the creator of PSJailbreak rival PSFreedom, has reportedly stated.

It’s thought that the only way to bypass the new measures will be to start from the ground up. And considering the PS3 remained secured for the best part of four years, that could be a long wait.

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