PS3 sales up 10 per cent year-on-year

Sony’s PS3 has proven its naysayers wrong by increasing its annual sales by 10 per cent for the year ending March 31st, with sales for the year passing 10m units.

However, the ever-popular PS2 is seemingly in a sharp state of decline, with sales of the console plummeting by 42 per cent in the period at 7.91m units. PSP, though, is proving resilient with a two per cent increase in sales, shifting 14.11m units.

Despite the large losses suffered by Sony overall, its SCE division saw losses decrease to $600,000 – down from the $1.3bn loss the year before.

Sony has predicted that it will sell a further 13m PS3 consoles in the next 12 months. It also expects an increase in PSP sales of 2m units, though PS2 sales are predicted to fall a further 25 per cent.

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