PS3 Super Slim will miss Gamescom

The PS3-4000 ‘super slim’ will not be making an appearance at Sony’s press conference during this year’s Gamescom.

The unit – which is slimmer than its ‘slim’ model – will come in many SKUs, the cheapest of which is rumoured to have 16GB of flash memory.

VG247broke the story confirming the device won’t be at Gamescom, verifying information MCV obtained last week.

Elsewhere the report says that it might retail for under 100, but MCV does not believe this is correct. It’s more likely that Sony will look to bundles and other retailer incentives to make the price attractive.

In terms of design, the new console will have a flip-lid disc input and low-capacity storage to offer the console at the lowest price possible.

The 16GB storage space and smaller formfactor would create a device to rival Xbox 360’s 4GB unit that retails at 139.99.

EDITOR’S UPDATE:This story has been edited for clarity – the first time on the evening of July 23rd and the second time in the morning of July 24th. Neither revision changed the meaning or the story or the three fundamental news points which are as follows:
1. The PS3 Super Slim is real
2. It won’t be revealed at Gamescom
3. The entry level model will cost more than $99/99
MCV had obtained these details prior to VG247’s breaking of the story yesterday and had intended to run them in this week’s edition of the print magazine. These plans were changed when the story hit online.]

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