PS3 version of Two Worlds II in the balance

The European publisher of Two Worlds II has insinuated that the PS3 version of the game may now never be released after a delay to its production caused it to miss its pressing deadline.

Speaking on the game’s official forum as spotted by VG247, the CEO of publisher TopWare/Zuxxez Dirk Hassinger claimed:

The PS3 version wasn’t delivered on schedule for release. We can choose our pressing plant for PC and 360, but unfortunately not for PS3. I’d preferably post the email and phone number of the lady responsible at Sony here. We’re hopping mad!

Sony needs too much time for the production because mainly lazy buggers are working there.”

Hassinger suggests that the delay could lead to the cancellation of the PS3 SKU, though with a release not now scheduled until post-Christmas this must surely be unlikely.
MCV has contacted Sony for comment.

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