PS4 and Xbox One FIFA 14 has 10x the animations of current gen game

EA has outlined some of the reasons why gamers may want to either hold out for next-gen FIFA 14 or buy the game a second time when PS4 and Xbox One are released.

"There were two things we did straight away," FIFA franchise boss David Rutter told Eurogamer when asked about how the team began approaching the next-gen game some two years ago.

"One was bump it up to 1080p and see if it made a difference, because 1080p’s expensive. It’s a lot of graphics. We were sceptical going into it, but came out being glad we did it, because it makes a significant difference. That was the most performance expensive thing we did initially.

[Secondly] we’ve got roughly ten times the animation on Xbox One and PS4 than on current gen consoles. We wanted to improve the behaviours of the players and the AI. A lot of that is around physics and decision making and the way they move, and we’ve got roughly four times the processing of decisions.

"The feature’s called Pro Instincts, and it’s based around the processing power of the new consoles allowing us to have players almost predict the future.

The player on the pitch is running along and a tackle comes in ahead of him. Currently two things happen – he either hits the leg or he doesn’t hit the leg. This new generation of consoles we have every nuance of possible collision, and trying to position himself not to collide."

Rutter went on to add that while the extra detail afforded to the fully-3D crowds might not affect the gameplay, it certainly has a big impact on the game’s atmosphere.

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