PS4 Remote Play (unofficially) coming to PC this week

If you’ve ever wanted to play PS4 games on your PC, as of this week, you’ll be able to.

Before you start scanning the Steam store for Infamous, The Last of Us or God of War, there’s a catch: you’ll still still need to own Sony’s latest console.

Developer Twisted has created a PC version of Sony’s native Remote Play feature, which allows PS4 owners to play their titles on the Vita handheld by streaming gameplay over the internet.

Remote Play on PC wasn’t impossible before, but requiring running an Android app in an emulator on the platform – meaning that latency and other technical hiccups were commonplace.

Obviously, Twisted’s Remote Play PC client, which will cost 6.50 when it launches tomorrow (November 25th), is not supported by Sony.

The creator said that the cost would help him to work on the project full-time, with the aim to add features, improve stability and bring it to other platforms.

Thanks, PCGamesN.

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