PS4 Slim also comes with a new DualShock 4 controller

The console isn’t the only hardware to undergo a redesign in Sony’s new PS4 Slim SKU.

Assorted leaks tidily compiled by Neogaf show that the DualShock 4 included with the console, the details of which were spectacularly leaked yesterday, has a couple of alterations compared to the existing design.

Chief among them is the inclusion of front-facing lightbar that can be seen through the plastic casing of the touchpad. The current controller’s lightbar can only be seen from the top/rear of the device, presumably as its main function was the ensure the controller is visible to the PlayStation Camera.

Some fans are already expressing the hope that it can be deactivated or at least dimmed. It is not uncommon for current PS4 owners to obscure the existing DualShock 4 light as it can be pretty bright in a dark room, and is functionally largely pointless for those without the camera.

Aside from the lightbar, the colour of the plastics used for the buttons also seems to have been altered.

The PS4 was, amazingly, leaked after a US punter was able to buy one at close to RRP on Gumtree. Sony appears to be aggressively seeking takedowns for any videos showing off the device that appear online.

Expect all to be revealed on September 7th.

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