PS4 Slims keep popping up on eBay

The odd saga of the PS4 Slim continues.

As if it were not strange enough that the machine leaked after it was purchased for under 300 from Gumtree, now the still not-yet-announced device has cropped up on a number of eBay listings.

The console can be had right now for 500 or 400, while others are still awaiting their first bids.

There have been a number of successful sales, too, with prices ranging between 250 and 400.

Kotaku chased up a number of sellers to try and figure out where this supply of unannounced devices has come from. One claimed to have purchased it from a factory (because as we all know, PS4s are manufactured in a small village on the outskirts of Northampton) and another said they got it from Gumtree.

The site also notes that the locations of the sellers are quite varied, including London, Leicester, Manchester and Glasgow.

Presumably Sony intends to announce and release the device almost simultaneously at its September 7th news briefing, so stock is already being put in place for the launch. What is odd is that some sellers seem completely unaware that they have a quite sought after bit of kit. You’d presume that those hawking the illicit goods would be selling them at an absolute premium, but this appears often not to be the case.

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