PS4 to feature some sort of voice command functionality

Sony seems intent on replicating what Microsoft believes is one of its key USPs on Xbox One.

The platform holder has confirmed to Polygon that PS4’s optional PlayStation Camera allows for voice recognition”, although it’s not yet ready to share any more details.

That the PS4 would offer such functionality was hinted at in a recent GameStop Expo 2013 presentation that claimed: "From navigational voice commands to facial recognition, the PlayStation Camera adds incredible innovation to your gaming.

"When you add the PlayStation camera into the mix, the pair works together to expand upon system features and enhance your PlayStation 4 experience. The new stereoscopic lenses track your body movements in games or even recognize your face easier system navigation."

Seeing as Xbox One has been designed from the ground up as an interactive media centre that users can control with voice and gesture, it’s unlikely that Sony will be able to rival the breadth of functionality offered by Microsoft machine.

However, even basic voice control will allow your floor salesperson to tick that box when trying to peddle PS4 and could prove an important factor for Sony.

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