PS4 WILL arrive in UK this year – report

Sony will not delay the launch of the PS4 in Europe, a new report has claimed.

In February it was reported that PS4 would follow its predecessor’s lead by landing in Japan first and then rolling out in Europe after Christmas.

This is not so, according to CVG, which cites an specified source involved with PlayStation’s business strategy” claiming that SCE has determined Europe a high-priority territory in the next-gen sales race”.

Indeed, the site adds that PlayStation is prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure there is no PS4 delay across Europe”. It even claims that should launch stock be tight Europe and America will be given priority over the safer” Japanese market.

While PS3 and Xbox 360 have sold approximately the same number of consoles worldwide, the PS3 lags behind Xbox 360 in the UK and US – a situation that Sony is focused on avoiding this time around.

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