PSJailbreak banned in Australia

Sony has won its first major victory in the battle against PS3 homebrew enabler PSJailbreak.

An Australian court placed a temporary injunction on imports or sales of the device last week.

Today defendants OzModChips, Global Solutions International, Ryan Emmanuel and Ken Tolcher have been told they they have been permanently banned from importing, distributing, promoting or selling the PSJailbreak.

They have also been ordered to hand over all existing stock in their possession and any stock received in the future to a third party acting on Sony’s behalf. They will have to pay an agreed amount in compensation to the platform holder and cover the costs of the legal proceedings.

Sony still has a fight on its hands if it wants to replicate the success overseas, however. Yesterday it began legal proceedings against a retailer in the US.

And there’s still the matter of finding a way to block the potential exploit discovered by the PSJailbreak that is now being openly shared on the internet. All eyes turn to the next PS3 firmware update.

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