PSJailbreak returns

It was thought that Sony had won the battle, but the team behind the PSJailbreak hack has released a new version of the device that works with Sony’s latest firmware for PS3.

Last month it was reported that the measures implemented by Sony in the latest update for the console would permanently close the doors on the PS3 piracy scare that first arose in August of this year.

However, the makers behind PSJailbreak have now released a new version that allows users to circumvent both the 3.42 and 3.50 versions of the console’s firmware, signalling the beginning of an update war similar to that Sony has fought with PSP pirates for many years.

In addition, the same team has released a new product – the PS Downgrade. Coming in a similar USB memory stick form to the Jailbreak, the device allows users to roll back the firmware on their PS3 to an earlier version. This provides the potential for restoring OtherOS support and restoring access to PSN, amongst other things.

However, the device remains illegal in some territories, meaning any retailers who stock it face possible prosecution.

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