PSN loyalty intact, GameSpot survey suggests

It has been one of toughest PR tests in PlayStation history, but a new survey from consumer site GameSpot suggests that users are sticking with their PS3s despite the lengthy PSN outage.

According to data obtained by the site’s GameStop Trax research division, 67 per cent of PS3 owners questioned said they are ‘very likely’ to resume using PSN despite the saga.

A further 14 per cent are ‘somewhat likely’ to do so.

64 per cent of those questioned said they were ‘very unlikely’ to defect from PSN to Xbox Live following the troubles. Just nine per cent claimed to have already made the move and a further five per cent said it was possible.

Only 14 per cent stated that they had lost trust in Sony and PSN. 28 per cent said they still trust the service but will be more cautious with the information they share with it in future.

23 per cent even claimed that the crisis was a good thing as it will likely result in far tighter security measures from Sony and similar companies. 57 per cent believed that Sony had handled the saga correctly.

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