PSP gets Essentials range

Sony has announced it will release a range of handheld titles next month under the new label of PSP Essentials.

The launch will see the re-release of some of the PSP’s biggest titles at the low price point of 9.99. The first 10 titles will be available on June 4th, with a further 10 confirmed for later in the month and more expected to follow.

Titles that will be re-released under the PSP Essentials brand include Daxter, Everybody’s Golf, LocoRoco, Secret Agent Clank, WipEout Pulse, Patapon 2, and Buzz! Master Quiz.

Releasing PSP Essentials makes sure that every PSP gamer – and younger newcomers in particular – can get their hands on the best portable gaming experiences at affordable prices,” said Sony’s European product marketing manager for hardware and platforms Isabelle Tomatis.

Combined with the other things PSP can do, like music, movies and chat, this makes PSP a really attractive choice for handheld entertainment.”

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