PSP Store could be coming to PSP

PlayStation platform holder Sony recently launched its

brand new PSP Store

, which closely follows the lead successfully laid down by its PS3 cousin, and whilst the service remains PC-only for the moment the company has confirmed it is looking to bring it directly onto its portable machine.

Speaking to MTV games blog Multiplayer, Sony’s director of network operations for PlayStation Eric Lempel said of a PSP version of the PSP Store: Yeah it’s definitely something we’re thinking about. With the capability of the PSP it’s something that should be possible, so it’s definitely something we’re thinking about.

It’s just a matter of priorities and some technology that we need to make it all work right and make sure the content is delivered securely, just to protect some of our.

It was easier to create the service and the system on the PC at first. Also, with a lot of content, the PSP is great and has a great screen, but we would need to create a different type of navigation, a different type of browsing system to get through all the content that will be on there.

There are also technical challenges behind the scenes that lean toward delivering the content securely, making sure it is protected. That’s why when you use the PC store you use the PlayStation Network downloader application. We figured we could wait and take longer to develop the store just for the PSP, but we wanted to get this out sooner rather than later.”

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