PSPgo not getting Trophies

Sony has confirmed that it will not be introducing Trophies, its equivalent of Microsoft’s excellent Achievement system, to its PSP platform.

Many had hoped that the impending launch of the new PSPgo and its increased focus on internet connectivity would lead to Sony announcing a Trophy system for PSP that would share a user’s PS3 profile.

However, SCEA’s director of PSN operations Eric Lempel told Joystiq that: You’re not going to see Trophies on the PSP. There are a few reasons.

We need to keep the system secure. If people can artificially inflate their rankings and amounts of Trophies it kills the whole Trophy system.”

The PSP, along with both of Nintendo’s consoles, is one of the most hacked machines in the world of gaming. Introducing Trophies on PSP would undoubtedly lead to many users importing user data from other users to inflate their Trophy count.

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