PUBG Corp CEO: team to ‘work harder’ on server performance polish in wake of 1.0 launch, cosmetic crates coming

Speaking to MCV on the day of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 1.0 PC launch, PUBG Corp’s CEO CH Kim talked to us about continuing development of the game, and how they plan to monetise their games as a service approach.

"We still plan to working harder on our server performance and further polishing the key features we have just laid out," said Kim, via a translator. "We are also hopeful we will be able to provide some more enjoyable content to watch when it comes to league and tournaments surrounding PUBG as well."

"We’ll also be adding new content on-top of what’s already been added. To lay out a few, a new map and some additional game modes for the custom game feature will be coming in the future."

When asked about how PUBG Corp intend to fund their continued development, CH Kim said the team was leaning towards microtransactions.

"Just like a lot of other games on Steam, we are considering a very simple cosmetic skins/crate system for microtransactions." Kim is keen to stress that the loot crates will have no in-game effect but in a game where your clothing is effectively camouflage, there’s a fine line there. 

Of course, you can always loot the premium clothing from people you kill, if you don’t mind the stains.

The game currently has a cosmetic loot box system that’s paid for via in-game currency, but this system will involve paying real money for keys in addition to the 

Kim talked about how important it is for PUBG’s 1.0 release to be as stable and complete as it can be before loot boxes are introduced. This doesn’t tally with the introduction of a new key announced by the PUBG team today that seems to point towards a new crate coming in the near future.

The game previously took some fire for its Gamescom crates, which were available to buy during Gamescom 2017, with revenue funding the prize pools of the Gamescom invitational.

The new key, which will open both the Gamescom crate and a new crate, which Reddit seems to believe will be a Desperado crate, will be available to purchase within a week.

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