Publishers praised for PEGI compliance

PEGI SA, the organisation that manages the PEGI ratings system, has praised games publishers for their high level of compliance with its advertising guidelines.

In the first ever PEGI Advertising Compliance report, 83.2 per cent of game ads and packshots were found to display the new colour-coded ratings system correctly – including size, position and – in the case of broadcast ads – duration.

The data was compiled by studying more than 1000 adverts from 60 different publishers in eight countries for three months.

Advertising compliance in print press was shown to be the highest at 86.7 per cent, while TV adverts came in close second with 82.8 per cent. Online advertising was the least compliant with 69.3 per cent, although this was attributed to technical constraints such as size and frequency of web banners.

PEGI SA considers this result a very good start, with room for improvement,” says Simon Little, PEGI SA’s managing director.

The purpose of the project is not only to show the commitment of the industry to educate consumers about PEGI, but also create a practical point of reference to improve the labelling guidelines and to set a benchmark for a higher compliance rate in the future.”

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