Publishers quiet over Xbox One pre-owned intentions

We’ve asked. They’ve not answered.

Microsoft last night finally announced its pre-owned plans. It’s not blocking pre-owned. It’s not even charging for pre-owned.

But, due to the system’s new licence-based business model, publishers could block pre-owned or could charge for pre-owned. Or insists on a pre-owned time delay. Or do any number of things, really.

It’s still early days, they may not know just yet, but we asked them anyway. Are you going to block pre-owned? And if not, will you charge retailers to sell used games?

The responses?

Bethesda – Has not announced any Xbox One games yet, so ‘not offering a comment at this point in time’
Capcom – Also has yet to announce any Xbox One games so ""We’ve nothing to comment on at this moment in time."
Activision – No comment
Ubisoft – ‘Politely’ declined to comment
Namco Bandai – Declined to comment
Rising Star Games – "We have no comment to make at this point."

Sega – Seeking a response
EA – Hoping to come back to us
2K Games – Seeking a response

Codemasters– Awaiting reply
Square Enix – Awaiting reply
Warner Bros – Awaiting reply
2K Games – Awaiting reply
Deep Silver – Awaiting reply
Konami – Awaiting reply

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