100m downloads and counting for Sonic Dash

Sega has announced that since its release in March 2013 mobile title Sonic Dash has been downloaded over 100m times.

Throughout that time, players have amassed 123 million hours played across 4.5 billion runs, collecting 850 billion rings in the process.

The highest number of concurrent players ever was on December 25th 2013, when 2.9m were having a go at the same time.

All of which has made the title the most downloaded Sonic game ever.

The game’s success will likely signpost the shape of things to come for the iconic character. Sonic’s latest console outing was a record-breaking flop for the hero, making the achievements of developer Hardlight’s title all the more appealing for its parent.

Hardight, based in Leamington Spa, has grown from a starting point of 15 people to currently over 50. It also developed Sonic Jump and is currently working on assorted titles based on Sega’s IP.

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