1TB PS4 Slim finally arrives in the US

US gamers are finally able to buy the PS4 Slim with 1TB of internal storage.

Sony’s redesigned PS4 launched in both 1TB and 500GB flavours when it arrived in the UK, but for some reason the 1TB model has been missing from the American lineup until now.

Best of all, US gamers won’t have to pay a premium for the extra storage – as of next month the 1TB model has become the default SKU in the region, with the 500GB being phased out completely. It won’t cost any extra, either, with an RRP of $299.

For comparison, the US price for the Xbox One S starts at $299 for the 500GB model and ramps up to $349 for the 1TB machine.

It’s a different story in the UK, where the 1TB machine comes at a premium compared to the 500GB model. By RRP they differ by 50, although it’s possible to find a wide range of prices for both SKUs online.

The PS4 Slim differs from the launch machine not only in size. There are a few subtle differences, such as reduced power consumption and heat, and some slight variation in the ports. The touch power and eject buttons are gone, too, having been replaced with physical alternatives.

The supplied controller is slightly different too. You can tell the difference thanks to the inclusion of a light strip across the front touchpad.

Interestingly, while HDR support is exclusive to the Xbox One S in the Microsoft lineup, Sony chose to roll out HDR to existing machines as well as its new models. It did not, however, include a 4K Blu-ray drive in its console – an option Microsoft did decide to go for with the Xbox One S.

Sony’s line-up also includes the top-end PS4 Pro. Microsoft will release its Xbox equivalent, currently codenamed Scorpio, later this year.

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