2015 ‘is a HUGE year for Rare’

The head of music at UK developer Rare has suggested that the studio will unveil at least one new title in 2015.

This is a HUGE year for Rare,” Robin Beanland, alongside a picture of musical notes – which may perhaps link to a Banjo Kazooie title, owing to the fact that notes are used as collectables in the game.

Back in November Xbox boss Phil Spencer tweeted that he had got to play the new Rare game”, describing the title as uniquely Rare”. Earlier in the year Spencer had said that he didn’t want the Rare brand to mean Kinect Sports – the Rare brand can be more valuable to them, to us and to gamers than that”.

He added: "I think it’s about them thinking about the next game that’s going to be the next ‘Rare game’ and really stand for what they are. I know they’ve got some great ideas. I know they’re hard at work and Phil Harrison has been up talking to them.

"They’ve got some new ideas, they’re excited about them and I think Rare should, can and will be an important part of our game future."

In May of last year Spencer said that Rare was evaluating what they want to do next”, although the following week brought layoffs to the studio on the back of claims that its most recent release Kinect Sports Rivals sold less than expected and made a loss.

Rare was acquired by Microsoft in 2002.

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