20th Anniversary PS4s selling for thousands on Ebay

6,800 – that was the return one punter saw on their 19.94 investment as the rush to get hold of Sony’s 20th Anniversary PS4 sweeps Ebay.

Sony revealed the machine last week, saying that it would be limited to 12,300 units worldwide.

The console quickly sold out in the US and while Sony is drip-feeding 50 399 per day online to customers in the UK, it also opened a temporary Sony shop in London in which a handful were made available for just 19.94.

Many of those who queued overnight to get their hands of one immediately turned to Ebay to exploit demand.

One unit has even sold for a whopping 6,800.

Others have sold for in the region of 1,700 while upcoming auctions currently stand at anything up to 1,300.

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