250GB Kinect bundle spotted

If pictures obtained by Joystiq are accurate it appears as if Microsoft is to release a second hardware bundle alongside the arrival of Kinect later this year.

The site reports that the SKU will include a 250GB variant of the console – complete with high-end glossy finish – as well as a wireless joypad, AV cable and in-built wi-fi. It will also include a headset, something that isn’t found in the 4BG bundle.

Also included is an un-named game, most likely Kinect Adventures.

The only Kinect console bundle announced to date is the one including the 4GB version of Microsoft’s redesigned Xbox 360 S, which Microsoft revealed alongside the price for Kinect in June. That is due to retail for 249.99, so expect a 299.99 RRP for the 250GB SKU.

Another interesting point noted by Joystiq is the following disclaimer found on the packaging of the new 250GB machine: Hard Drive includes game and demos.” Expect the included game to be pre-installed on the HDD and not come on a separate disc.

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