Yet group head Frank O'Connor says Halo hasnâ??t clogged the market yet

343 Industries anxious of Halo saturation

A Joystiq interview with Frank O’Connor has revealed that the 343 Industries creative director is weary of the market becoming oversaturated with Halo products.

When asked of the expansive nature of the Halo product range – which comprises of games, books, comics, licensed collectibles, apparel and anime – O’Connor said "I worry about that constantly."

However, O’Connor suggested that the Halo franchise was not currently clogging the market.

"All of that stuff has existed in the past, and it exists because of one simple reason, which is demand. We wouldn’t make it if we weren’t continually being asked for it,"he said.

“We obviously turn down almost infinitely more stuff than we actually produce, but when we produce it there’s a good reason and a good plan and a strong demand."

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