360 USB memory support confirmed

As was rumoured earlier this month, Microsoft is to release a firmware update that will allow Xbox 360 owners to use USB mass storage devices to store all manner of game information.

Both flash cards and hard drives will be compatible, though the Xbox 360 will only utilise up to 16GB of space. Up to two devices can be used, offering a total of 32GB of possible new storage space. Only drives of 1GB or bigger are supported.

Any space left over can still be used by other devices, such as PCs or Macs.

The console’s memory management functions will also be tweaked to allow users greater control when shifting their content between USB storage and the Xbox 360 HDD.

Microsoft is also partnering with SanDisk to release Xbox branded USB flash drives that are pre-configured for use on the console.

The update will go live on April 6th.

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