3D gaming awaits its day in the sun

Ubisoft thinks that the unveiling of its 3D technology will be the most memorable moment of E3 – and even influence the design of all future games.

The publisher’s executive director of EMEA, Alain Corre, told MCV this week that Ubisoft is confident attendees would be left ‘dreaming’ of the innovation during the first showing of 3D movie tie-in game Avatar.

Corre said: This is a brand new visual approach to gaming and movies.

Hopefully, it will capture everyone’s attention. We know not all the gamers will be able to own that technology. But we’ll be able to get it to many of them. This 3D aspect will one day become must-have.

We teamed up very closely with Fox for Avatar. It’s the first time we’ve teamed up like that with a movie company. we’re helping each other to make a great game and we are also giving them ideas for their movie. It’s a really good combination.

People will be dreaming about Avatar after seeing it at E3. People will have never witnessed anything like it before. This is an investment in technology we will be able to put into our future products.”

Ubisoft last week announced that its entry into the football market with Academy of Champions on Wii, which will be released later this year.

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