3D Killzone 3 goes official

After a weekend leak saw many of the details hit the web way ahead of the June embargo, Sony has officially lifted the lid on Killzone 3 – it’s fully stereoscopic 3D PS3 shooter.

The official release confirms the details revealed by Game Informer, including the use of new hand-to-hand combat mechanics and jetpacks.

The narrative will resume from where Killzone 2 left off with Helghast dictator Visari lying dead at the feet of soldiers Sev and Rico.

Unfortunately, the nuclear bomb used to take out the Helghan Capital Phyruss has also heavily depleted the ISA forces, leaving just a small squad to take on the Helghast army.

Killzone 3’s levels are said to be ten times larges than those found in the last game, with one setting taking the battle into space”.

There’s still no word on the release date, with both Q4 and April next year remaining strong contenders.

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