3D must ‘lose cumbersome glasses

In an analysis feature looking at the future of the sector, 3D Gaming Summit consultant John Gaudiosi has told MCV that the whole future of the 3D revolution remains in danger unless tech companies can find a way to ditch the need for users to wear glasses.

Most experts, Hollywood creatives, and game developers I’ve interviewed agree that 3D needs to lose the cumbersome glasses to truly bring the 3D experience into homes,” he stated.

With more games focusing on multiplayer experiences, owning multiple pairs of pricey glasses will not be an easy sell to the mainstream.”

To read MCV’s full feature dubbed ‘Does the industry need 3D?’ – including a breakdown of the current 3D technologies (Stereoscopic Active, Stereoscopic Active, Parallax Barrier, Anaglyph, Accelerometer-Based, Head Tracking, V-Screen) – click here.

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