3D Realms on Duke Nukem Forever

2K Games is to bring the latest in the Duke Nukem series to the global market – but is still without a release date for the title.

The company will publish Duke Nukem Forever on ‘multiple formats’ according to developer 3D Realms – most likely to include both PS3 and Xbox 360. The title was originally due only for the PC.

DNF has famously been in development for over ten years, but interest has been piqued following a video released online just before Christmas.

Take 2 and 2K Games own the global rights for Duke Nukem Forever, across multiple formats,” CEO of 3D Realms Scott Miller told MCV.

We didn’t pick Take 2 as the publisher of DNF. They bought the agreement from GT in 2000. And while I’m here, to be clear, Take 2 has not paid any development money to 3D Realms for the DNF project. It has been all self-funded.”

However, Miller refused to be drawn on the chances of the game hitting any market before Christmas.

When asked if 2K would be publishing the game this calendar year, he would only reply: Sneaky question.”

Little is still known about the plot of DNF, but it is thought that 3D Realms is using a version of Epic’s Unreal Engine to power the title’s creation. The last Duke Nukem game to hit stores was 2K’s Duke Nukem Advance on GBA back in 2002.

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