3DS LAUNCH: Retail Reaction

Keith Sharpe
Games buyer – Play.com

3DS is a fantastic piece of kit. Nintendo has managed to produce a technically amazing machine, whilst keeping it simple to use and intuitive good fun. The 3DS camera works great, the games are awesome and it even pushes the boundaries of connectivity with StreetPass.
We have really high hopes for it and judging by the level of pre-orders it will have a fantastic launch period.

Andrew Thompson
Head of Games – Asda

I am really excited about the fact that we have a new piece of hardware coming with a unique selling point and a brand new range of software and peripherals.

The glasses-free 3D aspect of the machine will be enough to make 3DS a must have purchase for early adopters, backed up with a mouth-watering line up of software and a number of 3D applications that should ensure real longevity.

The whole of retail will be hoping that 3DS is a similar sales phenomenon to Nintendo Wii in those early days, and that it brings much needed growth and innovation to the games market in 2011.

James Rowson
Purchasing Director – ShopTo

There’s a wi varied launch period line-up that has something for everyone – from the gamer with Super Street Fighter to the family with Nintendogs.

Our expectations based on early pre-orders are that it will have a really successful launch.

In terms of ShopTo it is our fastest and largest pre-order campaign for a console in our history which gives you some idea of the scale of it for us. It will no doubt be the must have piece of kit at Christmas, too.

Phil Moore
Sales Director – Grainger Games

It’s very clear that the 3DS has taken handheld console gaming to new heights.

Nintendo has used this iteration to push the boundaries of handheld gaming and supported it with a great range of core and mass market titles for launch and onwards, which gives retailers a great opportunity to engage with existing and new handheld customers.

It’s great that there are so many triple-A franchises getting behind 3DS. Grainger Games is expecting this to appeal to our wide range of core and casual gaming customers, we are aiming to make it our biggest launch ever.

Neil Ashurst
Head of UK Communications – GAME

We love the 3DS because it has something for everyone. Early adopters, the true tech-heads, will snap up one at launch as it is truly next-gen. Nintendo once again not only raises the bar but manages to completely change its direction.

As for the games, the launch line-up includes big-hitters such as Street Fighter, Ridge Racer, Splinter Cell and PES to keep the core gamers happy, Nintendogs and Pilotwings Resort for the loyal Nintendo fans and a plethora of other titles in-between to suit everyone else.

Simon Fox

I think Nintendo’s 3DS is the most amazing bit of technology that will help take gaming to a new level. Its 3D features blew me away, and I’m sure it will prove one of the biggest global launches ever, which we are really look forward to supporting.

Gurdeep Hunjan
Games Manager – Sainsbury’s

3DS is one of the most exciting launches we have been able to get behind in a long time. The great thing is the product resonates well with our customers and our colleagues. Our plans will be big for launch and hopefully for years ahead. Our expectations are high as pre-orders are going well, even with the challenging market conditions.

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