Device built with a modest 64MB of RAM, report claims

3DS tech specs â??leakedâ??

The technical specifications of Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS handheld have apparently been leaked.

According to an IGN report, Nintendo’s upcoming handheld boasts;

* Two 266MHz ARM11 CPUs
* PICA-200 graphics chip running at 133MHz GPU
* 4MBs of dedicated VRAM
* 64MBs of RAM
* 1.5GB flash storage

IGN says the information comes from “persons familiar with the hardware who spoke to us under the condition of anonymity”.

If the data is accurate, then it would mean Nintendo’s upcoming handheld has the same 64MB of RAM as the first PSP 2000, released in 2007. Apple’s latest iPhone boasts 512MB of RAM, as does Google’s HTC-built Nexus One smartphone.

Meanwhile the twin ARM11 CPUs – if present in Nintendo’s handheld – means that the device runs at 266MHz; again, lower than the PSPgo which runs at 333MHz.

However Nintendo is thought to be extending its digital distribution operations by supposedly packing the hardware with 1.5GB of hardware storage. By comparison, the DSi – which launched with Nintendo’s digital DSiWare store – was packaged with 256MB storage.

Tech-focused games site Digital Foundry has also published documents which further suggest Nintendo had a deal in place to build DSi with Nvidia’s Tagra chip – a deal previously rumoured though fell through at the eleventh hour.

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