505 Games switches focus to developing its own IP

Publisher 505 Games says it is determined to develop its own brands going forward.

The firm, celebrating its tenth birthday this month, traditionally partners with other studios’ titles, and has helped turn Terraria, Cooking Mama, Payday and Zumba Fitness into smash hits.

505 boss Ian Howe told MCV that he’s not turning his back on these partnerships, but the firm is now looking to create its own hits.

A lot of our past success has come from other people’s games, and whilst we’re happy to still have this play a part in our future, it’s critical that we develop our own brands,” he told us.

We’ve been working hard on unannounced IPs that will launch in the next couple of years. We encourage everyone at 505 to think about the types of games they want to make. If we think the idea is strong enough, then we’ll make it. In that respect we’re taking an approach closer to that of a developer than a publisher.”

He added: We have an exciting new wholly-owned IP to unveil in the next couple of weeks.”

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