94% of parents take responsibility for their kids gaming

A new study entitled Play Safe, Play Smart from Microsoft has claimed that 94 per cent of UK parents feel personally responsible” for checking the age ratings on the games played by their kids.

In addition, the report says that 73 per cent of UK parents are aware of parental control system present on modern games consoles.

However, it seems that there’s plenty of positivity toward gaming amongst UK adults. 80 per cent see gaming as a vital component in a balanced blend of modern and traditional entertainment. 74 per cent believe games are educational, 61 per cent see them as a great social experience and 52 per cent feel games bring their family together.

On the flip side, 69 per cent of kids would like to see parents be more involved in checking the suitability of the games they play. 47 per cent of the children spoken to claimed that their parents never vet the titles they play. 64 per cent said they were sometimes allowed to play titles rated higher than their actual age.

No details were given concerning how the survey was conducted.

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