$99 PSPgo would be a sell out

Precise sales figures for the PSPgo in the UK have never been released by Sony. That in itself should tell you something, and now analyst Michael Pachter is claiming that Sony must drastically slash the machine’s $249 RRP if it wants to give it any hope in the marketplace.

I’m not sure what Sony has planned for the portable business,” he told Industry Gamers. The PSP sounded like a brilliant idea when it was conceived and it’s been modestly successful, but it has never quite performed as well as people expected.

I think that the best thing Sony could do to reinvigorate the PSP is to cut price, and yet I’m not sure that they can afford to do so. The PSPgo is a great device, but consumers have voted with their wallets, and low sales levels suggest that the price is just way too high.

While I think that the PSP would sell out everywhere at $99, I don’t think we’ll see a price cut below $149 for the PSP-3000 this year, and don’t think the PSPgo will drop to any lower than $199.”

The PSPgo carries an RRP of 225 in the UK.

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