$9bn Zynga IPO is go

Zynga will later today finally go public, and is will end the day valued at around $9bn.

That will make it more valuable than gaming heavyweight EA, which predates the firm by 25 years.

When the US stock exchange opens later today Zynga will open at $10 a share, valuing it at just shy of $9bn. EA currently has a market cap of around $6.93bn. As VentureBeat points out, EA currently generates around $4bn in revenue ever year. Zynga has total lifetime revenues of $1.5bn.

The disparity is related to the wider perceptions of the gaming market.

Though EA only plays second fiddle to Activision in the console sector, Zynga totally dominates the Facebook gaming sector.

Though that shouldn’t overshadow the strides EA (though notably not Activision) has made in the social gaming market. The PopCap-owner is the biggest player in the iOS games scene, and still owns some of the most powerful core game properties on the planet.

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