The GallantCloud team considers whether to start afresh on a new game prototype

A Gallant Journey: The big decision

This is part four of a series of articles chronicling the early development days of GallantCloud Games. You can read about their journey here.

Hey, it’s Mantas, time to add something for our weekly blog. The week before, had a very intense work with one of our prototypes ”Knight’s Tail”, but last week was different to me as an artist.

We didn’t have many technical tasks to do. As we are halfway through the Microsoft Ventures UK Accelerator program, we have to deliver decent prototype product ”game”, and we feel confident about this. We’ve managed to make a working game within a week. 

Following our brilliant curriculum and scrum methodology made by Gary Carr, we had enough time to test our capabilities and knowledge working on 2D/3D games, so the five-to-six weeks we’ve got left is just perfect for a new and exciting project.

It was quite hard to decide if we going to continue on one of our potential game prototypes we had made so far, or if we should we take another fresh game concept off our board. Me personally, I like challenges, as we all do. We were advised to start a big fresh game prototype which could possibly bring us an investment on a demo day or at a later date, and eventually the opportunity to continue working as a team/studio.

During the week, I was doing research on reference material like different types of artworks that could be used to make our final game as unique and catchy as possible, and I had to revise some 3ds Max mechanics and specifics that might be needed later on.

I really enjoyed a meeting with cyber psychologist professor Berni Good the week before, I’ve done some research on psychology principles to be considered regarding our game as well. I’ve also spent some time playing quite a few games looking into the different aspects of mechanics, graphics and so on.

GallantCloud had a some issues regarding the design documentation. We needed someone who could put all the puzzle bits together and to make a strong GDD, so we had to make a decision to expand our team.

Richard Clark was a potential game designer. He joined GallantCloud Games and brought in many brilliant game designs. Richard did a brilliant job and excelled in the tasks assigned. As a team we are very happy to welcome another GallantCloud member.

We are all excited about the coming weekend as we are going on holiday as a team and getting in some much needed down time. It is going to be great to relax with the other guys in the team and chat about our future as a studio and what we want to achieve.

Frankly, I’m looking forward to new challenges awaiting for us next week.

Mantas Versulis

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