A Mass Effect remaster? EA says HD remakes are go

A remastered version of BioWare’s Mass Effect Trilogy could be in the works at EA.

Last year EA COO Peter Moore explained that remakes of old games did not then interest the publisher, saying: It feels like pushing stuff out because you’ve run out of ideas. I don’t know where we find the time to do remakes. We’re a company that just likes to push forward.”

Attitudes have clearly changed, however. Game Informer asked EA Studios’ executive VP Patrick Soderlund about the possibility of a Mass Effect remaster.

What’s changed is that there is proof in the market that people want it, maybe more than there was when we spoke,” he responded. There were some that did it before, but I think there is even more clear evidence that this is something that people really want.

The honest answer is that we are absolutely actively looking at it. I can’t announce anything today, but you can expect us most likely to follow our fellow partners in Activision and other companies that have done this successfully.”

"We have to be careful in choosing the right brands for the right reasons at the right time. A remaster is something that you can just do or do it really well. I want to make sure that if we were to do it, we would do it really well and that people feel that it’s the same game but it feels so much better in this new shape and form.”

Soderlund also offered assurances that Mass Effect Andromeda remains on track for its Q1 2017 release date, despite the ongoing absence of gameplay footage. Which would of course make a Mass Effect remaster all the more timely, one could argue.

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