Two audio heads doubt Jacquesâ?? claim that sound design remains under-funded

â??Audio budget problemâ?? not felt at SCEE or Ubisoft

Two high-profile directors at SCEE and Ubisoft have thrown doubt over claims that game audio production needs a larger slice of game budgets.

Both SCEE audio manger Dan Bardino and Ubisoft Reflections audio head Jon Vincent said they hadn’t experienced issues of diminished audio budgets.

This comes after the decorated game music composer Richard Jacques told Develop that audio remains “very under-funded” in most cases.

“Maybe I’m just lucky at Sony because we don’t have those kind of restraints,” said Bardino, who has been with Sony for nine years.

“I got the recording of Killzone 2 at Abbey Road, I got the recording of Heavy Rain at Abbey Road. I’m just very lucky that the people I work with have a good understanding for the value of audio. And doing high-quality professional production can bring such quality to games.”

Likewise, Ubisoft Reflections’ Jon Vincent said he hasn’t encountered issues with audio under-funding.

“I don’t see the problem for myself,” he said.

“I may have been really lucky, because the studios I’ve worked with in the past have given me a great deal of budget and freedom to use it. Some of the people I’ve worked with have been fantastic.”

Vincent added: “Maybe it’s the case that those who need more budget aren’t shouting loudly enough about it.”

It was revealed at the recent Tiga Games Meet Film event that audio usually takes up around 10 per cent of a game’s budget. That figure, however, was said to sink as low as 2 per cent.

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