Activision boss calls for console price cuts

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has talked of his fear that the cost of hardware in today’s market may be prohibitive” to new customers.

Speaking to The Times, Kotick said that platform holders are going to have to think about reducing their prices” – later revealing that he estimated the adult video games market to be worth around $45 million.

He said:

It used to be the case that we did well during slowdowns because if you couldn’t afford to go to the movies or to travel to a theme park, you stayed home and played a computer game.

"But now I think that the hardware manufacturers are going to have to think about reducing their prices because the cost of purchasing some of this stuff is prohibitive.”

In the same interview, Kotick put a price on the adult global video games market. He commented:

I don’t think that you need to have gratuitously violent products. But no company can afford to turn its back on a $45 billion section of the market. They are as important to the business as R-rated movies [restricted to 17 and older] are to films.”

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