Griffith steps down as legal action from Infinity Ward hits his studio

Activision CEO leaves as Infinity Ward fights back

It has been confirmed that CEO and president of Activision Publishing Mike Griffith resigned from both of his roles on April 23rd.

The move comes amid rising tensions between Activision and Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward. 38 IW staff have recently filed a lawsuit against Activision, citing breach of contract, amoung other complaints.


The exec, however, will continue to serve as vice chairman of Activision Blizzard. This role sees him take an active part in board and internal strategy meetings.

His original contract was set to run until June 30th and will now be automatically renewed on an annual basis.

Activision’s official statement on the move also confirms that Griffith’s annual salary will be $250,000 plus discretionary bonuses and that he is freed from previous minimum stock hold requirements.

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