Publishing kingpin makes swift reductions in music game investment

Activision cuts Neversoft staff, insiders claim

Longstanding developer Neversoft has reportedly become the next studio hit by Activision’s ongoing corporate downsizing operation.

It is thought that an initial wave of layoffs has affected 50 of the 170 Neversoft employees, according to an LA Times report.

Various Twitter posts from purported ex-Neversoft employees seem to conform that Activision is indeed cutting the studio’s workforce.

Further speculation is rife that Activision will cut far more jobs following the release of Guitar Hero 6, as part of the publisher’s swift and brutal action to draw back investment in the chewed-out music game franchise.

The Californian developer was bought by Activision in 1999, and injected much cash into the studio with the blistering success of the Tony Hawk franchise.

But after that series met its inevitable stagnation, Activision moved Tony Hawk responsibilities to Chicago newcomers Robomodo.

Neversoft went on to develop the Guitar Hero games.

Activision is also said to have cut staff from RedOctane.

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