Activision discusses CoD MMO

Activision has admitted that Blizzard is set to play a role in the progression of both the Guitar Hero and Call Of Duty franchises.

Speaking in an earnings call following the re-publishing of the firm’s Q1 fiscal results, company CEO Bobby Kotick confirmed that Actvision is ‘examining’ the possibility.

Later on in the same call, the firm’s president and CEO of publishing, Mike Griffith, added that Blizzard would play a role in both series going forward.

Kotick said:

In terms of taking Activision Publishing into new areas like MMO genres, that is something that we are examining. We have been interested in, if we can find the right opportunity, and I think now with Blizzard as part of our company we have access to institutional knowledge and specific context and capabilities that will only help us over time.”

Griffith added:

I think probably the area where we are getting the greatest learning and benefit is from Asia. We have historically not had a business in China or Korea. Blizzard has probably the most successful entertainment property from a Western company in Korea and China, and so that is an area where we think there is going to be great upside opportunity.

And then, when you talk about that institutional knowledge, there are a whole those of things that are – whether it is how you manage a persistent state universe with 11 million subscribers, or how you manage credit and collection, or how you train customer support representatives to provide customer service and support 24/7 to that number of subscribers, how you manage 50,000 servers in a server infrastructure, or the databases – those things are all going to accrue very well to what we do for the Guitar Hero and Call of Duty franchises going forward.”

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