Activision insists it IS publishing Black Ops: Declassified on Vita

It may sound like an obvious statement, but Activision has been forced to clarify that it is indeed the publisher of Vita shooter Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified.

"Activision is the publisher, but we also have a partnership with Sony to bundle Declassified with the PlayStation Vita," was the statement given to CVG, but it doesn’t really answer all of the questions.

For instance, we know that neither Treyarch and Infinity Ward – the two lead studios in the complex world of Call of Duty development – have no involvement in the game’s production.

Instead, development is being handled by Nihilistic Software, whose two most recent projects are Resistance: Burning Skies PlayStation Move Heroes. Both of which are Sony games.

Then we have the fact that Sony appears to have been given complete control of the marketing and presentation of the title.

All of which has led many to conclude that the game is, by all intent and purposes, a Sony title, with Activision having only licensed the IP to it.

Whether or not that’s technically accurate will no doubt emerge over time, but it’s safe to say that the game isn’t being kept as close to Activision’s chest as it would normally.

In fact, we don’t think it’s stepping out of line to say that it’s at arm’s reach.

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