Activision linked to GoGos Crazy Bones IP

Reports are claiming that Activision has signed a deal that will see popular kids brand GoGo’s Crazy Bones coming to consoles in an effort to create a Pokemon-rivalling games franchise.

That’s according to CVG, which claims that the publisher has already signed a contract with IP holder Magic Box International to release video games on both DS and Wii.

The toy brand very much echoes the digital foundations laid down by Nintendo’s Pokemon, with hundreds of different figures available. It’s Gotta Catch ‘em All” all over again, though rather than kids scurrying to complete their digital collections, they instead vie to hoard as many of the 99p figures as they can.

Katie Roberts, the deputy editor of MCV’s sister magazine Toy News, describes GoGo’s Crazy Bones as a massive playground phenomenon”.

As well as an extensive range of toys and board games the brand is currently being developed into a TV series by Canadian animation studio Breakthrough Films.

MCV has contacted Activision for comment.

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