Activision teases 2011s Call of Duty

Speaking to investors last night, publisher Activision tuned its attentions to the 2011 iteration of its Call of Duty franchise – which by the sounds of it promises to be something a little different.

Strong demand and close to a decade of solid performance give us a confidence to continue invest in heavily in this brand, we should off the more opportunities for long-term growth than ever before,” Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg stated.

We’ve added significant resources to the brand and next year, we’ll offer the call due to community, our largest line of an exciting new digital content ever.

Then in the back half of 2011, we are launching new large-scale Call of Duty FPS title. The creative talent and research that we now have devoted to the costly brand are unprecedented and given the gameplay we could not be more excited about next year’s release.

Over the next few months, you’ll be hearing more about our plans to expand the franchise globally.”

COO and CFO Thomas Tippl added: And I think we have still a big opportunity to do a better job there and better satisfy players’ demand in exciting new content, new ways to play and new services that we’ll talk to you about in the future.”

We’re still completely in the dark as to exactly which title Activision is referring to. We know for sure that beyond Black Ops there are two Call of Duty titles in development – one from Modern Warfare 2 studio Infinity Ward (presumably Modern Warfare 3) and one from new studio Sledgehammer (presumably the game being referenced here).

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