Games Up says a â??shockingâ?? 95 per cent of games courses are failing their students and the industry

â??Graduates from accredited courses three times more likely to get a jobâ??

More criticism of the UK’s games development educators has surfaced today, with the Games Up campaign saying that a lack of accredited games courses is hurting the UK talent pool.

Echoing sentiments expressed in a BBC report last week, the group said that ‘the vast majority of video games degrees at British universities are failing to equip graduates with the necessary skills to build a career in the industry’.

The group adds: “Of the 81 universities in the UK currently offering video gaming-related degrees, only four are accredited by Skillset – the Sector Skills Council for creative media – and no further courses have been added for two years. Skillset is calling for more universities to step up to the challenge and join the scheme to ensure that excellent graduates are properly recognised and supported by industry.”

Games Up also claims that industry research claims graduates from accredited courses are more than three times as likely to get a job in the industry on completion of their course compared to graduates from other games courses

David Braben, chairman of Frontier Developments and spokesperson for the Games Up? campaign, said: “The games development sector is a jewel in the crown of the UK economy made up of a large number of creative and highly-skilled people. However, we are facing a serious decline in the quality of graduates looking to enter the industry. The dearth of maths, physics and computer science graduates is hitting us hard along with other core UK industries. The problem is compounded by the quality of so called specialist games degree courses. 95% of video gaming degrees are simply not fit for purpose. Without some sort of common standard, like Skillset accreditation, these degrees are a waste of time for all concerned."

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